battle wounds

December 21, 2009

So.  I’m looking like one of those heavily bandaged anime characters after a long grueling battle.  The cause of my injury?  Shoveling loads of heavy, wet snow out of the gutter.  Icy Hot patches decorate my whole right side.  I feel so cool.

I have been a Very Bad Vegan since coming home.  Mom makes cookies that might have crack in them, since I tell myself No, Do Not Want but then seconds later shove ceaselessly into my mouth without stopping.  Yesterday it was cookies, this morning it was fudge.  About 12398 pounds of it.

Bad Vegan! No Bavarian Pancake!!

I have not been working as hard as I should and I am not feeling as guilty as I should.

Yesterday my puberty-laden brother was going Jekyll & Hyde everywhere, as one moment he was trying to kill the hell out of me, and the next moment he was being sweet, even going as far to call my Tekken skills (hey, I need a little self-indulgence now and then) good.  Well well, what from hearing how cheap I am for some years (button mashing with various characters and blonde-bombing with Nina Williams, anyone?) what is the cause of this compliment? 

I am happy to be home where it is comfortable and I do not need to be woken be Ewoks-on-speed-shrieking sex at 4am in the morning from my douchebag of an upper neighbor.  I hope he freezes to death and gets castrated by some good samaritans in town.